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Julia-Maria's new EP “The Skin I’m In” is the next installment in this exciting artist’s career.

Julia-Maria’s music is characterised by her hypnotic folk infused vocals, rich instrumental arrangements and poignant lyricism. It is impossible not to recognise Julia-Maria’s Irish folk background in her song-writing.


Her musical influences are Joni Mitchell, Feist, Billie Marten, Lizzie McAlpine and Maggie Rodgers. Her new EP “The Skin I’m In” sits within that realm.

The creative result of Julia-Maria’s life experience over the past two years is “The Skin I’m In”. The 5 track EP invites the listener in to some key moments of her life. From moving to and from London, learning that people with the loudest voices aren’t always right, that dating in your 20’s is undeniably heart-breaking and finally, that life is only a race if you live that way. Each of these experiences are deeply personal to Julia-Maria, while also being undeniably relatable.


Close vocals, organic tones and intimate arrangements draw you into these stories and invite you to sit and stay awhile.

Julia-Maria previously released her debut EP, ’With Me’ in October 2021 and the record was warmly received by press as a great creative success. The EP’s title track “With Me” was made Hot press’ Track of the day and the EP was featured in publications by IMRO, Nialler9, Golden Plec, The Last Mixed Tape and many more.


"Cast against a glistening folk milieu, 'With Me' centers itself around a captivating vocal that leads the listener along the emotional thread" (The Last Mixtape)


In 2023, Julia-Maria moved to London to cut her teeth on a new music scene. In London, she developed her skills as a commercial songwriter with great success, landing single song publishing deals with Elements Music Finland and BMG Publishing.

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